Sunday, April 4, 2010

Operation Skewed Horizon 4-3-2010: After Action Report

DATE: 4-3-2010
TIME: 1000 HRS

Mission 1

Apr-2010-DIAMONDBACK - At about 1000 hours, the OpFor team inserted first. Our mission was to march until we reached the Y intersection in the road ahead, and defend it against the USForces marching several minutes behind us. We quickly divided ourselves into squads, defending different sectors of the snake-infested rock formations in hilly terrain. In moments, GC radioed 'GAME ON!" Tackleberry, FuriousJ, Gatling and myself dispersed with our own squads.

Some regulars, like Cire and his buddies and I ran uphill to find some excellent hasty ambush spots. Before we knew it, we had eyes on DCU-kitted USForces patrolling the high ground. Cire's fireteam was set up on my left, while Cire's M16-armed buddy covered my right while we advanced towards the unsuspecting enemy patrol (Archie's buddies). I allowed the enemy point man and his slack to get far enough ahead where we could take out 2 guys providing overwatch. Once I open fired, my guys lit those poor guys up---from a safe distance of course.

In the meantime, I watched as Tackleberry's squad descended on the enemy pointman and his slack while they were returning fire on me! Those guys had no idea you guys were right on them! Smiley It was just textbook. Absolutely beautifully executed. Tack---radios rock, eh?

Once the distance between our respective squads and the dead enemies closed, it was safe to say the hill was ours. About 1000ft downhill, towards our insertion point was the none other than the "Roving Dead Man's Point." Not long after unloading 2 midcaps at the enemy patrol---my battery died. I forgot to charge it the night before and didn't bring along any spares or secondary weapons. F--- it, I screamed and charged forward with my buddies and overran the good guys anyway! I sat out the next mission and helped out with Game Control radio communications.

Sweet Jeep, Jaker. Maybe some of our IPA off roaders can build emergency medical pick up vehicles. That would be sick.

Mission 2
Same mission---sides switched. It looked like both sides were really putting in some effort in the fire fights that ensued. It was like watching a war unfold in front of me. Total armageddon. OpFor to my left were struggling to gain the high ground while US Forces were unleashing BB hell from defended positions. I think Cook was taking them out all by himself. Absolutely Rambo status. Shocked

Tackleberry and his guys pushed the center pretty damn far forward. I wasn't sure how far along they had gotten. I saw a few guys trying to figure get used to the new regen rules. We all borrowed the idea from the regen rules of the recent Op Lion Claws: Op Red Storm. It provided a challenging, but rewarding airsoft experience. It made us not want to get hit, since we only had 1 life left before we're dead for the remainder of the mission.

Mission 3
This time around, Onikage, his cousin, and DirtySanchez played the roles of a roving Victor Charlie patrol. Cousin, Onikage, and I communicated only in harsh Vietnamese and beyond broken-English with those outside of ourselves. From a hidden vantage point, we watched as the OpFor was setting up an ambush for the US Forces approaching their areas. In the distance, firefights between the USForces and OpFor erupted. It intensified!

My Victor Charlies decided it was best to keep a low profile, hidden from the two engaged forces. We decided to make contact at the most opportune time. Once we identified Kojak's team had the fewest numbers, we intercepted from their 6. I was so tempted to just pop them, but remembered I left my CQBR in Jaker's Jeep. Too bad. Also, it was hard to maintain a non-threatening, yet low profile approach towards the unsuspecting USForces team. One of Kojak's guys turned and saw us when we were within firing range on their six. I yelled out 'Banh Bao' and approached low, yet neutral. Touch down.

Still unsure of where we fit into the Op, DirtySanchez in his very well-versed English, acted as translator for Onikage, his cousin, and myself. He sounded more like a professional interviewer than an interpreter for a guerrilla unit. Classic. The rest of us got a good kick out of randomly yelling out words in Vietnamese. Surprisingly clean ones. At that point, we decided to have Kojak grab his team leader and escort us towards the quarry. There was a tree up there that usually provided great shade.

Sucky for us, once we hussled our tired asses up that hill and to the tree---it smelled like azz. No shade for us tired Victor Charlies. Still not sure of our mission, we planned out ways of sabotaging Cook's team. Sure, he was very cautious and had his team provide coverage on us at all times. We agreed on a complicated system of communication amongst ourselves without drawing the suspicion of our newfound friends. Every time we were about to initiate a kill on various sentries, a different sentry would approach Cook's position (our position). The suspense was insane.

At one point, we were going to just snatch Cook and make a run for it. By then, the game was almost over and it would have been a lot of work trying run downhill. Marvin got a good laugh watching us attempt some undelivered promises. Seriously, it was hard to snatch the guy while his team had the perimeter locked down. At that point, the USForces set up strong defensive positions.

Game over.

Agent Man out.

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