Monday, December 21, 2009

Operation IPA Squad Challenge 2009: After Action Report

DATE: 12.20.2009
TIME: 1000 HRS

Evolution 1: Message Recovery
I was detached with the IEDF as an observer. We inserted along the road adjacent to the grove. Prior to game start, Tackleberry rounded up his men and set up a gameplan. As soon as the whistle blew, they came in hard charging. All was eerily quiet for the next 15 minutes. Before I knew it, Tackleberry signaled me to his position---his squad had recovered all messages, and then some. Though the thought of an extra 5 points per enemy kill was tempting, it was time to extract.

As fast as IEDF inserted, they exfiled just the same. As we neared the extraction point, the two squads engaged. From my vantage point, I witnessed 2 SS03 KIA. IEDF successfully completed the challenge.

Evolution 2: Patrol & Ambush
This next evolution was rather interesting: one squad patrols a pre-determined route while the opposing squad stages and executes an ambush. After much homoeroticism in the corral, it was time to deploy the IEDF to certain hot BB death. From a distance, I watched as they pressed forward along the path marked with orange flags. As soon as the IEDF's men entered the gully, elements of SS03 opened fire. It didn't look good for the patrol. It was armageddon. They were pinned. No survivors. None expected.

Now it was time for the IEDF to stage their ambush. I observed as Tackleberry positioned his squad in various overlapping fields of fire. I have to say, desert tiger stripe blends very well with the Mentone landscape. Not long after game start, the SS03 squad were within range. These guys moved like professionals, leap frogging, covering, and moving forward. It was textbook tactical. Unfortunately, there was an ambush lying in wait. Once Tackleberry issued to the order to attack, all hell broke loose. SS03 fought hard and bravely, but they were overwhelmed.

Evolution 3: Dummy Recovery
In this evolution, the offensive squad was to locate, secure, and rescue a downed pilot (a sand-filled dummy) to the extraction point. A team of two PJs was tasked with securing the dummy, while the main squad reinforced them with a stretcher. I was attached as an observer to SS03 as they were tasked with preventing IEDF from extracting with the dummy pilot. Once the game started, these guys were gone. Some of their men scaled the cliff towards the water tower as the others took a different route. It looked like a huge firefight along the ridge as I witnessed both sides taking heavy casualties. Eventually, Onikage and I repositioned ourselves closer to the fight, uphill. We watched as Adel moved through the treeline, engaging Mike of SS03. They exchanged BBs for some time while closing in. Once Adel was hit, it was game over. SS03 wiped out IEDF.

Now it was SS03's turn to locate and recover the downed dummy pilot. I had two junior members of their squad standby at their insertion point, along the road and await my signal. The game started, and SS03 was off. Apparently, so was IEDF. Unfortunately for the SS03's junior teammates, they were KIA before locating their objective. Not long after their untimely BB deaths, the game control staff observed as a lone SS03 set up a hasty ambush. He waited patiently as three IEDF came within range, completely unaware of his position. It was a sure kill. Sadly, AEG malfunctions prevented an easy kill. His position was compromised and he was KIA.

At that, the IEDF located and secured the downed pilot for themselves, though it was not their objective. What unfolded next was worthy of mention in airsoft bloopers to come. As the IEDF recovered the body and attempted to rally with their teammates near the wash, hilarity ensued. Game control observed as Copperhead engaged and open fired on his own teammates! Unknowingly, SS03 had some extra help. After several blue on blue KIAs, the IEDF ceased fire and engaged the lone SS03 in the distance, near the wash. It was an interesting, entertaining fight, but the IEDF successfully recovered and defended the downed dummy pilot.

Evolution 4: Base Attack & Defend
By this time, the sun was nearly gone and visibility was at an all time low. Both teams were tired, hungry, and getting cold. The objective was simple for the attackers---overrun the base. Defenders were to hold their position, starting at only 50% strength, gradually reinforced over time. Due to my poor low light visibility, I could barely see the events that unfolded. I was attached to IEDF as they attempted to overrun the base. They were successful, though taking heavy casualties in the process.

By the time SS03 was to attack the base, the sun was nearly gone. Visibility was FUBAR. They were unsucessful in overruning the enemy base. IEDF was victorious.

End transmission.

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