Monday, October 12, 2009

Operation Stoner SR-3: After Action Report

DATE: 12.14.2008
TIME: 0830 HRS

Capt Longbaugh and Commander Tackleberry's forces put up one hell of a fight. The local militia literally had an uphill battle, under the charismatic---yet often questionable---leadership of Warlord Artzkie. Our mission was simple: rid our land of the murderous invaders!

Our orders were to cut a path straight in-between the Marine and Army forces to observe. What began as a surveillance mission escalated into a gunfight with the Marine patrol. We managed to capture 2 of them, alive enough to deliver a message to their captain Longbaugh. He refused our peaceful offer to join forces and immediately we set out to take the hill. It was a grueling uphill battle with no end in sight. Our forces exposed a weakness in the Marine defenses by wounding their Captain, thus wreaking havoc on their already shaky morale. This allowed us to completely overwhelm and capture them.

Through highly secret rituals and terrifying ancient techniques, Warlord Artzkie won over Captain Longbaugh who pledged his loyalty to our cause. We were to join forces and hunt the US Army forces south of our position on Hamburger Hill. Up one bloody hill only to go back down and climb up another hill? I knew Artkzie was mad, but this was insanity! The bitter cold of the winter winds shattered against our mismatched, rag-tag, yet heavily armed militia squad. We had our command---up another hill it was.

Unwittingly, a forward patrol of US Army encountered our pointman, Vno. He attempted to negotiate a peaceful solution to the madness, but was gunned own in cold blood! My disillusionment with the cause quickly transformed into rage! I gathered up a wounded Pistolero, an enraged Warlord Artzkie and proceeded uphill, rifle blazing with red hot BB death! Along the way, we ran into Cook and Dagger, already with a good headstart uphill and hungry for vengeance against the treachery of Commander Tackleberry. They came for blood and nothing was stopping them.

Soon, the fighting ended when a beleaguered Commander Tackleberry was arrested and escorted by none other than Cook and Dagger. The day was ours. Soon after, we exfiled for some Pho. Mission Accomplished.

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